Thursday, October 24, 2013

Anne Reeves' bobbin necklace on Etsy

One of my favorite designs, a necklace made of bobbins that I wound in the colors I love: light plum, cement and gray.  This is where my love of sewing and jewelry making intersect - I call it when "World's Collide".
My jewelry making philosophy has always been "One for me; one for my mom, a few for Etsy." Most every piece of jewelry in my Etsy store is limited edition. Etsy is an online marketplace for artists.  It is a wonderful website that allows individuals to have their own little shop of items they have made.  I spent the last week loading my Etsy store ( with my favorite necklace designs to sell for the holidays.
What spurred all of this?  I wore my "World's Collide" bobbin necklace to a book signing of my friends, Josh and Brent, and Brent urged me to sell it on my store.  He loved the shine of the thread and the unusual materials. He's right, it is fabulous and it is time to offer it to the world.

When you are shopping around the store, some of the necklaces are one-of-a-kind and some I can "make to order" and ship within 1-3 weeks.  I'm excited! Are you?

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