Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Flower Arranging: Vintage Canister is an Unexpected Vase

In the spring, summer, fall, I am flower driven. My interests collide when I can take a vintage oatmeal canister (my mom's find from an antique show) and fill it with flowers from the garden.  Could this arrangement be any prettier?

A melange of color and texture that gets your attention and holds it for a few beats.  When I see this arrangement, my brain ping-pongs around these thoughts:

  • How can the colors of that hydrangea be so delicate? Pale celery green and puff pink together is perfect. 
  • Why don't they make more pretty china canisters - clear plastic Oxo containers are just not beautiful.
  • This grouping would translate beautifully to fabric. Where is Laura Ashley when I need her?
  • I have to plant bellflower and more yarrow next year (then I write that in the Notes portion under May in my 2014 calendar.)
Looking at beautiful things is good for you.  Making a bouquet and seeing it every time you walk into the family room is even better.

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