Friday, January 22, 2016

Pacific Galleries: Seattle Auction House and Antique Mall

What a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday! We drove to downtown Seattle and nosed around this enormous antique mall called Pacific Galleries. It's in SODO (south of downtown) and I first heard about it at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show last year. They have a intriguing area of booths called the Vintage Garden Market, which features antique and gently used household items that have been up-cycled into new treasures for sale. I must have talked to someone who suggested Pacific Galleries to me because I've been hanging on to their postcard for a year now.
At first, you'll see rows and rows of tiny treasures in glass cabinets. Then as you turn the corner, you'll see much larger spaces side-by-side, filled to the brim with each vendor's offering.
We really enjoyed shopping and reminiscing about different eras. You can see that I was tempted by this vintage nativity, but in the end I resisted. My mom and I look forward to a time when my Aunt visits us out west - I know that as an antique dealer, she'll love this grand space full of treasures.

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