Friday, January 8, 2016

Seattle: Shrimp and the Space Needle

After shopping the Urban Craft Uprising at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, we walked a few blocks over and had a delicious Mexican dinner at Cactus

I found that a generous portion of shrimp fajitas and a view of the Space Needle was all I needed to sustain me as I rehashed and reviewed everything I had seen at the craft show (poor Dan). What I loved, what I thought was unique, what vendors should do to improve their booths, you know, the normal Friday night dinner conversation. As a seasoned art show attendee and a potential craft show participant in Seattle, Dan knew that I needed to articulate what I saw. The show was terrific

It was a great evening. I love living in a city full of creatives vibrating at their own frequency. I also love a not-too-expensive dinner within view of our iconic Space Needle.

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