Monday, January 11, 2016

Pendleton: Gorgeous Prints Inspired by Native American Designs

Pendleton Woolen Mills - an American brand that excels in high quality wool blankets and throws "inspired by Native American designs and legends."

I have known Pendleton mostly from their iconic "Glacier National Park" blanket. Creamy white with a single yellow, red, black and green stripe on each end of the blanket. Click the link and read the story about the markings and how they reflected the value of the blanket back in the frontier trading post days - fascinating.

It was my mom that fell head over heels for the Pendleton beach towel collection printed in Native American patterns, similar to the ones shown above. Over the past year or so, we have scoured stores looking for patterns that she didn't have. It was the thrill of the hunt and it was really fun.

Imagine our surprise when she mentioned to someone that she collected Pendleton towels and they pointed her to the Pendleton Outlet, just 10 minutes from my apartment in Washington! We drove over the first chance we had and she was so very happy to be able to be able to see the entire collection on display. I was too busy holding up towels for her to appreciate from a distance (can you see me holding my arms up over my head to keep them off the floor?) to remember to take a photo of the towel display, but you can get a sense from my wool blanket image above. Each and every one is an art piece, that's for sure.

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