Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Barbara Flores' Magnificent Pear Print

Oh Mi, oh My, Barbara Flores, you know what I like! 

This information-as-art print by Barbara Flores has the color palette of an Italian painting and the subject matter of a sumptuous first course. Pears! 

I have small collection of pears in cement, wax and glass. I love their shape and agree that they should be admired. 

When I saw this poster on display in a Pacific Northwest horticulture booth at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, I knew I had to show you. I am pleased to tell you that this poster can be purchased directly from Barbara's website here, along with other gorgeous designs of hers. 

Bravo, Barbara, I love your work!


Chris said...

It's incredible what you can find at flower and garden shows - so many treasures, from posters to plants.

Anne Reeves said...

Very true! I find lots of great things and always leave inspired!