Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sapphire Blue Caribbean Jewels: An Outdoor Plant Indoors

Have you ever wished that a plant was fake? Me neither, until now. 

I bought this striking flowering plant called Sapphire Blue Caribbean Jewels (Scilla peruviana) because of its unusual blue petals. I am in love with blue and I have never seen anything quite like this plant.

I know that it can't last here in my family room, but I am enjoying it while I can. The tag says that it is hardy to Zone 7 (ahem, jury is still out on what zone our new house is in - it keeps snowing!). I will plant it in a large container on the deck as soon as the weather permits.

I love real plants and would discourage decorating with anything artificial, but then I glance at this tablescape and wish that I could freeze it in time. 

I guess my message is, live a little. It doesn't make sense, but I will love this plant indoors for as long as I can and then I'll give it the environment it needs to thrive. 

Do come visit soon, it looks great!

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