Monday, March 13, 2017

Girl Scout Glory: Remembering the Fun

"Who's the Girl Scout?," an acquaintance asked when she saw my sash and this magazine article on my front table.
"Me!," I replied.
"Oh that's awesome."

I think we all have a soft spot for the Girl Scouts and I was happy to see this article "Collector's Guide to Girl Scout Memorabilia" by Caroline Collins McKenzie in the March 2017 issue of Country Living magazine. It really jogged my memory. I thought back fondly to my green Girl Scout flashlight and the crisp plastic coin purse with snap. Treasures, they were treasures.

2017 is the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scout cookie and this prompted the magazine to show a beautiful selection of Girl Scout memorabilia that has been available over the years. 

I knew I had to show you my own personal gem (above) full of badges that I earned each week along side my elementary school friends.

The Girl Scout organization, and more specifically our incredible Troop Leader, Mrs. Valerie Agresta, made an indelible mark on my life. I believe that my commitment to and success in the Junior League (a volunteer organization for women) goes back past my years of leadership in my sorority to my overall happiness as a Girl Scout. 

When I was leaving the home improvement store Lowe's last weekend, I chatted with 2 of the girls in uniform selling cookies. I told them that I was a Girl Scout too and that I still have my sash loaded with badges. 
"You do?," one asked incredulously. 
"Yep and I bet you'll keep yours forever too," I said, "I love Girl Scouts, learning things with my friends, earning badges. I'm basically you, only a lot older." 
She giggled and said, "Cool." 

Giving young girls a chance to learn from trained adult leaders is a wonderful way to expand their world and help them learn from a variety of female role models. Have you ever thought about being a scout leader?

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