Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Seattle is a Terrarium: Bella Umbrella Has Symbolic Souvenirs

Seattle is like a terrarium. The bright green of every leaf, vine and shrub is due to the constant misting we get from the sky. I love the long growing season and the happy plants and am anticipating a glorious spring after a long wet winter.

We are known for our rain and the umbrella is a natural symbol of our fortitude. Interestingly enough, very few people who live here actually carry an umbrella. So few that I would peg the person as a tourist if I saw someone carrying one.

Why? I think its because if you live here, you know that the rain won't last long. That said, everyone needs an umbrella sometimes. It's just not an everyday thing, as you might think. 

*Update: This beautiful brick & mortar shop in Seattle has closed. Their vibrant selection lives on online.

The beautiful selection above is inside Bella Umbrella, a beautiful shop within walking distance of Pike Place Market that sells (and rents!) umbrellas. If I were to buy a souvenir of Seattle, this is the kind of lasting gift I would buy myself.
Want to see something cute? The gift shop at the Space Needle sells chocolate umbrellas! I love when whimsy, color and chocolate collide.

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