Friday, September 1, 2017

How On Earth!: The Blue Angels Thrill Seattle

Speechless! I was downright speechless when I saw my beloved Blue Angels power across the Seattle sky in this formation. 

I had a such great afternoon during the Thursday practice show on August 3rd. Someone had suggested I check out Proctor Landing as a possible vantage point. When I arrived, the police told me that it was one of their temporary headquarters and sent me down the way to Slater Park. Boy am I glad they did!

As I was looking for a parking spot, I started talking to an older gentleman who was leaving his car. We talked about the Blue Angels for a minute and then I started walking toward the beach with my chair and camera. "You're going the wrong way!" he called after me. Huh? "The good beach is that way...put your stuff down next to the U of W chair, that's us." 

And there you have it. Another example of kindness from the strangers I have experienced in Seattle. For the rest of the afternoon, I chatted with Bob, Sue and Vincent. They were all Washington natives and had found this new spot after their old Seafair haunt became inaccessible. We all agreed that Slater Park was perfect. It's a patch of green tucked among the beautiful homes and has a perfect place to let your kids play in Lake Washington. I couldn't have invented a better photo (below) if I tried. Happy days are here again.
Sue asked if I liked living in Washington, as she handed me her sunscreen. Vincent tried to relate by telling me a harrowing story of the time he drove thru Michigan in the winter. And when the air show was over, Bob insisted that I tuck my camping chair into his rolling cart so that I didn't have to haul it up the hill. Kindness, and dare I say a familial warmth, that I find over and over again "out here." 

Yes, living 2,000 miles away is a big adjustment, but the citizens of Seattle have been rewarding me for my effort.
*And the Blue Angels fly over Lake Washington EVERY year! I count myself lucky.

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