Monday, May 14, 2018

Dinner in Waco: Diamond Back's

I know where you should have dinner when you are visiting The Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas. Diamond Back's

I was in line to check out at Magnolia Market and I overheard the women next to me talking to the shop girl about her dinner plans. I jokingly said, "Where are we going?" She kindly looped me into her conversation and told me that she had heard great things about Diamond Back's and their broad menu. She had made a reservation for 8 people and felt happy to have secured a place for dinner. She generously referred to her phone and gave me the restaurant's phone number.
It was exactly what we were looking for! After a long hot day of fun, a beautiful dinner in a cool and quiet restaurant was perfect. We both had a big salad with apples and pecans, warm popovers and a trio of salmon, steak and shrimp. The food was delicious and frankly, I wished we had doubled back here for our 2nd night instead of trying a casual barbecue place. This was perfect for a girls trip and I highly recommend it!

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