Saturday, May 12, 2018

Visiting the Silos: Magnolia Market, Shopping Part 2 Kitchen

This is the area of the Magnolia Market where I stopped shopping and started fan-girling. The genius of the Magnolia Market is that it is designed to showcase Joanna's signature style. Of course it is, right? But until you stand inside it and realize "Oh! There's her white subway tile with black grout!" or "Oh, there's their cement counter top!" (and then rub your hands across it for analysis), you don't realize how much you wanted to see all the components of the Fixer Upper television show in person. 
When you realize that you are seeing her open shelves, her black ship lap stove hood, her patterned brick floors...the store becomes a big dollhouse that you get to explore. I loved every minute. I wasn't in a position to buy-buy-buy. This trip was a perfect example of valuing an experience, though boy did I want that striped marble cutting board (below). I bought a few things, but my favorite souvenirs are these pictures that I can share and the priceless time spent with my cousin.
The kitchen area had a great selection of accessories and tools that looked right out of the Fixer Upper kitchens. The color theme this time of year was aqua and maple wood with black and white accents. I'm sure the accent color changes with the seasons. It all looked beautiful and achievable. 

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