Friday, January 18, 2008

Charm Bracelets

Yesterday there was a package on my doorstep! The book Charmed Bracelets finally arrived and it is fantastic. Full of beautiful charms and loaded with inspiring photos. At this point, I think I am collecting entire charm bracelets, instead of just the charms. I have one of Hawaiian symbols (My favorite is the Outrigger canoe) and another of silver travel icons. I started my first charm bracelet at twelve, when my parents & I visited my brother who was studying overseas. I bought a little gold-plate charm for each country as we drove around Europe. My latest is all purses, which I started in 2003 when I founded my purse brand, ANA. Do you have a charm bracelet? It is time to get it out and wear it. They spark wonderful conversations and truly tell a story. As I was looking up this link for you (65,000+ charms on Amazon!) I started shopping again...uh oh.

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