Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sushi in Paris

For Christmas, I received an unexpected gift. A sushi making kit ("Simply Sushi" by Steven Pallet) complete with dishes, little bowls, chopsticks, cookbook & DVD. I am not sure how often I will make my own sushi, but I love this gift and the information in it is filling in some gaps for me. The first time I had sushi was at the rooftop restaurant (Georges Restaurant) at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. The restaurant is very cool with molded plastic banquets and clear glass tables. The restaurant's glass walls look down at the Pompidou Center piazza below - what a view! One time, I was seated next to a Japanese couple as the woman's sushi arrived. I smiled and she burst out, "I know, I am in Paris and I am ordering sushi like I am at home!" I answered that I had smiled because her lunch looked so beautiful. I told her that I had never had sushi before because I was reluctant to try raw fish. She encouraged me to order the vegetarian sushi (below) and it was delicious.

It has become a tradition and every time I'm in Paris, I have sushi on the roof! Now as for any sushi making, I'll let you know how it turns out.

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