Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alton Brown: Food For Thought

What an inspirational night! Food Network Personality, Alton Brown held 3,200 people in the palm of his hand at his sold-out lecture at Oakland University last night.

His core message was this:
The "best food" is food that has been prepared by loving hands.
So cook - for your friends, your family, your neighbors. The love instilled in preparing food for someone has a nutritional value all its own.
  • He emphasized that nothing you buy will ever taste as good as something you make.
  • He stressed the importance of eating a bright and colorful diet.
  • He renounced products labeled "Diet" or "Lite", adding that the experience of eating one glorious homemade cookie will always beat eating an entire package of diet cookies.
Alton Brown was witty, happy and completely "present" as he inspired the crowd to grown their own vegetables, cook their own meals and be thankful for the food in front of them. I am not sure what I was expecting to hear from Alton Brown last night, but he delivered. He gave us food for thought.


Torch Lake Prep said...

So glad to hear how inspirational and entertaining Alton was, I'm not surprised !

One SAHD Dude said...

Glad you had a good time too! From the picture it looks like you were sitting right next to me; I was the guy with the wiggly toddler at the top of the aisle. Thanks for stopping by my AB site :-)

LillyB said...

Oh I am sure you had a fabulous time!! Alton is so witty!! His show is very entertaining and educational!!

Angie said...

Glad you could go and enjoy it. I knew you would love it!