Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ANA Cigar Box Purses

I simply love the ANA cigar box purse advertisement that I shot in this courtyard in Paris.

It is hard to believe, but this photo wasn't actually part of the grand plan. I was on the lookout for the perfect ad campaign, of course, but at this moment, I was simply waiting for my lunch on the patio of
The Hotel D'Aubbusson. When the first course arrived, I looked up and this is what I saw.

"Don't anybody touch anything," I pleaded, "I just need one second."

I picked up my camera and took this shot. My actual purse that day (love it!) is the star, complimented by the wooden planters, posh setting and oh-so-French beverages.

Sometimes, life is art.

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LillyB said...

Anne this looks like a picture from a magazine!! Just beautiful!!