Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dim Sum, Anyone?

You know how I love when dollhouses are packed with tiny household objects. Everyday items are just plain cuter when they are small. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these little Dim Sum erasers!

They are the perfect size for Barbies. What could be more modern than Barbie & Ken sitting down to Dim Sum after a night on the town?

And yes, I said erasers. These are the perfect addition to any fourth-grader's pencil case. Remember, look for things that are beautiful and interesting.


gail said...

Hi Anne,,, how cute! I used to love all of those cute tiny erasers when I was a kid, but who could ever use such tiny works of art? :)
Have a pretty week, gail

Anne Reeves said...

I know! I was tickled to have found them. For $1 each, I was having a lot of fun choosing which to buy.

Angie said...

My kids have these, too! Found out that Froggy's Toy Shop in downtown Rochester almost sold out in a few hours when one woman went into the hair salon and told everyone there. I barely made it in time!