Saturday, March 13, 2010

Appetizer Tray

I've tried lots of recipes over the years, but this time I wasn't sure what to make. We were heading to our first dinner club and since I was bringing the only appetizer, I wanted to make something that would satisfy a lot of categories.

Sweet, salty, crunchy, savory - then it came to me. A rustic country sampler! I made 2 dips (a hot mushroom dip and a bacon/blk olive cream cheese spread) and surrounded it with red grapes (sweet), green olives (salty) and nuts (crunchy).

What was my favorite part of this display? (Wait for it...) The wooden bowl! I know, it really should have been my food, but what can I say. Midwest-born stylist Katie Brown has a new collection housewares and I had to have this little wooden salad bowl to make my savory dip look "rustic."

It worked. The appetizer tray looked as good as it tasted and we had a wonderful night making some new friends. What's your "go-to" appetizer?


Luisa said...

My "go-to" appetizer is a wrapped baked brie with sliced french bread, buttery crackers, strawberries, melon, bluberries, pears and raspberriesand a sprig of mint...this is one of my very favorites.

Anne Reeves said...

Yum, Luisa, I love brie!

LillyB said...

My church always looks for my ham and cream cheese rollups when we have a get together. I usually make 2 trays and they are gone quick! :)