Thursday, March 11, 2010

Architecture & Sugar

I've had several lovely trips to Charleston, South Carolina over the years and was happy to see it featured in the latest issue of Southern Living magazine.

I couldn't get enough of 2 things in Charleston: architecture and sugar. I snapped photos all day long of the shuttered buildings, church steeples and carefully planned gardens. Look at he blue sky!

But the sweets you can eat in Charleston, my oh my. When I went in an ice cream shop and asked the girl behind the counter which flavor was best and she looked right back and said she hadn't tried them all. What?

"Let's get to work!" I said. So she and I sampled some flavors together and gave our opinion. When we got to pralines & cream I said, "Sold!"

Every venue seemed to put their spin on pecans, pralines, brown sugar and butter. And I didn't argue. Yum!


Elaine said...

Charleston is one of my very favorite cities and I agree the architecture is fabulous. Don't you just love this month's issue of Southern Living?!

LillyB said...

You are always helping folks Anne! See how you educated that poor girl about her job hahaha Bless your heart!!
I am a Peach Ice cream fan if it is made with fresh peaches but Pecan is my next favorite!