Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Silk Rose Necklaces

My mind will not "let go" of silk rose necklaces. A popular new item for Spring - you can see really pretty ones for sale in the Sundance Catalog and at Anthropologie.

I thought you would find it interesting to see where I think it this trend began.

Millinery shops in the late 1800's! This photo is from Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford museum. A must-see educational (and entertaining) destination in Michigan, Greenfield Village is a life-size town made up of actual buildings and landmarks of the late 1800's (the Wright Brothers' bicycle shop and Thomas Edison's original laboratory are both here!)

A favorite of mine was, of course, the millinery shop. These antique hat decorations (in a display case on the main floor) are so similar to the new bib necklaces of today, don't you think?

It all makes sense really. Roses, silk and getting dressed up is a timeless pursuit. What's a hundred years between girls, right?


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I love vintage fabric flowers.