Friday, March 19, 2010

Make A Terrarium

For years I had a terrarium in this little glass & wood container in my family room. It was a lovely living touch and looked beautiful. But as with all things, it eventually looked "tired," so I removed the plants and put it away for almost 2 years.

Last month I decided to bring it out of storage, paint the wood trim with silver leaf (gorgeous!) and replant it.

I lined the interior tray with a plastic bag, poured in a layer of charcoal (to help with drainage and to keep the soil "sweet"), added potting soil, water and 4 plants (baby tears, ivy, fern and a pink leaf polka dot plant) and then covered the open dirt with dried moss. The final touch is my butterfly.

The little boy next door kept asking me where the butterfly was and had to say he was on vacation in Florida! Well vacation is over, and he is happily flying over the plants once more.

With snow in the forecast, I am so happy to have a little bit of Spring indoors.


LillyB said...

Beautiful! I am so ready for spring too!!

Elaine said...

I love terrariums and that is so pretty.