Thursday, March 25, 2010

Family History

When my husband & I moved into our first home, my parents gave us the dining room table & chairs that I had grown up with. How wonderful.

I was suddenly "dinner party ready" and have been filling our dining room with people ever since.

Because my mom had given me the table pads & table cloths too, I have mostly kept the table covered over the years and haven't done much as far as waxing/polishing.

I thought that it was time to do some protective steps and asked my Mom how I should polish it. She turned up on my doorstep with this can of Johnson Paste Wax.

This was her mother's can and it is at least 50 years old. An antique itself, notice that the price stamped on the lid is 89 cents! We opened the can, got out some cloth diapers and lovingly buffed on some family history. By the end, the table looked gorgeous and had that faint wood polish smell.

Today I am sending the beloved paste wax can back to my Mom's house and am going shopping for some formal placemats for Easter dinner.

This is the beauty of every day life - this is delight.

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Anne Reeves said...

***I thought you'd like to see what Johnson Paste wax wrote to me! I sent them a link to the blog because I thought they would like to see that their prodcut is treasured-Anne


Thank you for taking time to contact us about your fabulous experience with SC Johnson® Paste Wax. I checked out your blog and was so pleased with your comments.

How nice of your mother to show up on your door step, can in hand, to offer her help polishing your table. We're delighted our product was responsible for contributing to your positive results and the dining room table you grew up with is now in your home - looking gorgeous!

So you may carry on the family tradition, I've taken liberty of sending a complimentary coupon to the address you provided. We'd like you to have a can of your own to keep in your pantry!

I trust you found the perfect placemats and enjoyed a beautiful Easter dinner. And thank you again, Anne, for allowing us to take a small peek into the beauty of your everyday life.

Warm regards,

Cheryl Jacobson
Senior Consumer Representative

Consumer Relationship Center
SC Johnson, A Family Company