Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mood Music

Wear earplugs and sing your heart out.

That is my concert-going advice. Music plays such a big part of my life - I like many different styles and seem to having music playing all the time. I think the right song can do a lot for our mood.

With just a few days notice, my friend Polly called and asked if I wanted to go with her (and another friend of ours, Ann) to the Elton John & Billy Joel "Face 2 Face" concert. Another friend of theirs was unable to go to the concert and Polly said she had a ticket "with my name on it" - joy!

We had so much fun - there is something to be said for going to concerts where you know all the words. I loved it. We sang our hearts out and I felt so grateful that this "moment of delight" had fallen right into my lap.

And did I mention that we ate Sanders Hot Fudge sundaes as our concession fare? Beer and nachos didn't stand a chance when we saw that Sanders had a "sweet treat" booth. I'm sure we didn't look like we were "with the band," sitting shoulder-to-shoulder eating ice cream and catching up with each other, but it was the perfect concert experience.

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LillyB said...

Amazing! I am sure you had a great time!!