Saturday, March 20, 2010

Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream

What happens when you make a really delicious batch of ice cream? Everyone eats it before you can take a picture for the blog!

This is the last 1/4 cup of my Strawberry Vanilla ice cream. I have been experimenting with my new Cuisinart commercial-style ice cream maker!

Patricia Wells had an ice cream maker like this in the class I took with her in Paris and I talked about it so much my husband gave me one for Christmas!

This recipe would work in any ice cream maker that can make 1 1/2 quarts of ice cream.

Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream
Stir 1 cup whole milk with 3/4 cups of white sugar. Add 2 cups of Half & Half and 2 teaspoons high quality (like Nielsen-Massey) vanilla extract.
I also added a shake of pulverized vanilla bean which is hard to come by in the States, but a fun addition if you have it.
Pour in ice cream maker and turn it on. About 25 min in, when the mixture was starting to look frozen, I added 1 cup smashed strawberries (you can use frozen (but defrosted) strawberries off season. Frozen strawberries often have more flavor, as they were picked & preserved at their peak).
Serve when the ice cream is soft-serve consistency - it lets the vanilla sing!


LillyB said...

Yummy! This looks wonderful!! Thanks for the recipe!! I have memories of sitting on Nannys porch taking turns cranking the old ice cream machine! Technology can be a wonderful thing!! :)

Elaine said... looks delicious!