Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dinner Plate

When I say that my clematis has been producing blooms as large as a dinner plate, I'm not kidding!

I have my collection of Chelsea china on a baker's rack and as I walked by the other day, I realized the detail on the plates is the same color as my clematis.

The perfect way to prove my point - the blooms are huge! I heard lately that clematis like to have their "feet in the shade" so consider that when you are planting your vine. Put another plant at its base (for shade) and it will be happy.


LillyB said...

I love this! The flower is stunning and is as big as a plate!! I have heard the saying many times but this is the first proof I have seen LOL
It's beautiful...oh and I love those dishes too!

Anne Reeves said...

Great! I'm so glad you like it - the dishes too. My mom started me collecting "Chelsea" dishes a while ago.