Friday, May 14, 2010


I miss watching the sun set.

In suburban life, the closest we get to a sunset is noticing some "pink in the sky." But once the Summer starts, I can spend a weekend in my favorite little town and see the sun sink into Lake Michigan. Two more weeks and I'll be there.

For me, nothing is more relaxing than watching the sky change from bright blue and yellow to smoky gray and red.

When I am at the lake, I stop everything to watch the sun set. The card game is suspended, the dishes are left to soak, the movie is paused.

Show some respect, I say, the sun is going down.


MmeBenaut said...

I miss the sunsets too; I often see the sun rise but the sun sets behind the hills and we don't see much of it except the pink and orange sky. Summer by the Lake sounds wonderful.

Anne Reeves said...

It was a beautiful weekend and I am going to try and escape for a week here and there all summer - yea!