Friday, May 21, 2010

Maine Land

Isn't this something? It is as if the fishermen of Bar Harbor knew I was coming and ordered brand new lobster buoys!
I took this photo last September on one of my favorite days. I was travelling with my dear friend, Angie, and we had just arrived by boat to spend the day visiting and exploring Little Cranberry Island.
Can you see the boat with the blue canopy in the distance? It is called "Delight" (I can't make this stuff up! See my post about it here) and was our ride home that evening.
I have been thinking a lot about Maine and life on that little island. It was quiet and friendly and beautiful. On our last day, when we were driven back to the docks to leave, a local woman (and now my friend!) asked me, "How can you leave, now that you've been here?" And I have thought about that statement many times since.
I was so happy for her in that moment and wished that everyone could love where they lived even half as much.


Nursery Industry said...

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Soos said...

So, that said, when will you and Angie come back? We are waiting for your return.

LillyB said...

Well now that you have experienced will always have a little bit of it in your heart!! God is an amazing artist!!