Saturday, May 15, 2010

Soap Dish

Sometimes I just crack myself up. Check out the soap dish. It is a lidded heart-shaped dish that I made out of...soap. I was in the mood to make something that was interesting and beautiful.

I had been experimenting with a glycerin soap kit (trying to make some pretty soaps) when I decided to try forming it in a chocolate mold! I'm not sure that I could make it again - I felt very lucky as I eased it out of the mold. But isn't it fun?

I keep this soap dish in my blue polka dot powder room next to the bottle of liquid hand soap. I don't think anyone would believe that they could lather up with either one!

I just had to show you. What do you think?


MmeBenaut said...

This is truly amazing and beautiful. I wouldn't dare use it though, it's too pretty!

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks! It really looks like pale lue cut glass -crazy but fun!!!

LillyB said...

I thought I was reading this post wrong! It does look like cut glass. Great work!!