Monday, May 3, 2010

Something Dog

For years I have reminded (and then quizzed) the Garden Club Girls on the names of the flowering trees in our neighborhood. It is my favorite time of year on our street and it only lasts about three weeks. I think it's adorable that they always get stumped on the magnificent tree in front of my house.

"Umm...umm...something dog!"

No matter how long or short the Winter, the name "Dogwood" just doesn't stick with them. So here it is, my "Something Dog" tree in full bloom. I originally planted two Dogwood trees by the front walk in the hopes of have twin Dogwoods growing and draping majestically. The first year they were short, pruned in an oval-shape and it looked like I had stuck two Q-tips (cotton swabs) in the lawn! Then one of the trees died and I was worried that nothing would be able to thrive in this space. But the other tree made it and has been growing beautifully all on her own ever since.

Do you ever call trees by a different name?


Elaine said...

Oh, how I love dogwoods! I planted a tree, but it died and haven't tried planting another one. Yours has inspired me to give it another try!

Anne Reeves said...

Oh good, Elaine! Give it another try. I love how their branches drape. The wind is beating mine up right now - I hope the hold!

LillyB said...

My moms favorite flower (next to a Magnolia bloom)