Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mint Wagon

Tah-dah! I finally planted my little garden of mint. I've had this idea for a while now and was sure that it would look darling on my garden patio.

Since the mint is planted in a wagon, I have it right where I want it and can move it around to get more sun, to water it or to dress up a drab corner. Plus, mint is a very determined plant and left uncontained, it would take over any garden plot.

A friend saw my "mobile garden" plans (and my hunt for a small wagon) on Facebook and came up to me at an event like a secret agent and said under her breath, "I heard you're looking for a wagon." Classic!

She gave me a tiny Radio Flyer wagon that she had and you can see that it is perfect - just big enough to hold four varieties.

Pineapple Mint, Corsican Mint, Apple Mint and Chocolate Mint. I will use these beauties to dress up my iced tea and my flower arrangements all Summer long!


Kimmers said...

ooooh! Where did you find the mint varieties?

Anne Reeves said...

I found these at Telly's on John R in Troy, MI. I recommend calling your local greenhouse before driving out there - not all specialize in mint! Still looking for a nice healthy "Ginger Mint!"

LillyB said...

I love this idea!! You are the Queen...Anne!!