Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mies en place

Mies en place is a French phrase meaning "everything in place."  It is most often used in kitchen as an organizational philosophy before beginning a recipe.

If you have "everything in place" (measuring bowls & spoons, specialty tools, serving/baking dish, spices and all of the ingredients) out on the counter, you are improving your chance of success with a recipe.

I like to follow this ideal because I am notoriously distracted in the kitchen.  People are my priority and if anyone is within earshot, I can't help but talk, tell stories and gesture.  This leads to the inevitable question...Did I actually put the salt in?  I doubled the flour, did I double the baking powder?

Usually these questions come to mind after the blur of white powders is in the bowl.  So lately, I have taken mies en place one step further.  After I measure and add an ingredient, I place the container of it on the other side of the counter.  It becomes evidence of my progress and has reassured me many times.  

Do you follow mies en place in the kitchen?      


Elaine said...

I'm the same way - if I didn't do this there would be no way I would remember if I had already put the ingredient in sometimes.

Anne Reeves said...