Friday, October 15, 2010

Photography Tips

Everyone I know has that "I want to capture everything" moment when their vacation is about to end.

I am no different and as our family reunion was drawing to a close this Summer, I went outside to photograph the view.

So much of photography is framing the scene.  The next time you go to take a landscape photograph, I hope these tips will help.

  • Include: Decide what elements you want to include in your picture.  For this shot, I wanted the tree, water, walkway, some Adirondack chairs and the fishing boat.
  • Exclude: Know that framing is also about editing out the distractions. There were some random items just over the fence that I kept out of this shot.
  • Highlight: In this photo, I wanted to highlight the fishing boat (symbolic of a quiet morning). Instead of centering it in the frame, I centered it between the umbrellas. See? It makes the boat very visible and an important part of the scene.
  • Placement: Since this gorgeous tree is the largest object in the picture, it is sure to get noticed.  By keeping it to the right, I can show you the tree without letting it take over the picture.

Voila!  I hope these 4 concepts help you to frame your next masterpiece.

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