Friday, October 8, 2010

Snack on the Go

When I was planning my trip to the Country Fair, I decided that I wanted to bring a "Snack on the Go" that I could give to my Aunt (an antiques dealer) and her friend who were wroking the show and share with my parents and Dan during the long day.

My requirements were:
  • generally healthy
  • delicious
  • portable
  • no refrigeration required
  • cute (okay, it didn't have to be cute, but I thought that would be a plus)
Then I remembered my "Morning Muffins recipe."  They are always a hit - a bit like carrot cake, but not too sweet.  This time I baked a batch in my fluted muffin top pan and that provided the "cute!"  I packed each one in a Ziploc sandwich bag and they were ready to travel.

When I was sitting waiting for one of the seminars to begin, I decided it was a good time to sneak in a snack.  The woman next to me quietly asked where I had bought it because it looked so delicious.  Sadly, I didn't have any more to share, but I told her about the blog and that if she searched "Morning Muffins" she'd have the recipe for her next antiquing adventure.

Do you have occasions when you need a snack on the go?  Make and freeze these individually and you'll be ready for anything!


Elaine said...

I love the fluted muffin top pan. I am going to have to get one of those - perfect size snack treats!

Anne Reeves said...

I have been using it a lot lately, Elaine. It's a wonderful pan.