Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Delight magazine totes

I am in love with my new DELIGHT magazine cover!   Do you know about my imaginary magazine called (Ana) DELIGHT? 
Let me explain the concept in a nutshell. My philosophy is to "look at what you love." I love my photography. I love magazines. I love graphics. I love things that are both beautiful and interesting. I decided that I would rather carry a daybag that looked like a beautiful magazine, than any old leather purse with no personality.

I started to design what my magazine would look like, if it existed. I named it ANA Delight (I sign "ANA" on each bag). I use my photographs, build a magazine cover around it with graphics software and add the "article titles" that I would want to read. I think it is the ultimate in imagination and modern design. The tote is made (by me!) entirely of paper, plastic and tape.  I have this design available for sale in the blog sidebar. Enjoy!