Wednesday, October 6, 2010

See Yourself in the City

I thought that you would like to see my homemade souvenir from a trip to New York City.

This is my "See Yourself In The City" mirror that literally puts you back in the middle of your trip!

To make my "See Yourself In The City" picture project:

Buy an 8 x 8 flat wooden frame at the craft store.  Select the photos you want to work with, and choose the "Contact Sheet" setting when printing, this will produce tiny photos like mine.

Use a decoupage medium to attach the photos to the frame and use a coat of the same over the photos as a sealer.  Be sparing with it, as you do not want the ink from the photos to run.  After the decoupage medium is dry, secure a mirror into the opening (on the back) with strong tape.  Voila! 

A super-cute way to put yourself back on vacation.  Just look in the mirror!


Elaine said...

I really enjoy making collages, both digitally and the decoupage way. This is a great idea for a souvenir for a trip!

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks! I am always drawn to tiny pictures too...