Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shopping For Gourds

October is flying by...I can prove it because I almost typed September!  Yikes, almost off by a whole month.

I don't know where the time is going, but one thing is for certain...I need gourds!  I took this photograph at Country Living magazine's Country Fair and it has me wanting an unusual shape & color for my front table.

I am actually going to buy one at a specialty grocery store! I would love to roam the pumpkin patch on a bright October day, but I don't have time this year. 

Convenience reins and I will simply pay "by the pound" and put it in my shopping cart.  Once it is home on display, I can forget all about the fact that I bought it along with my mundane grocery list! 

Selective Memory can be a wonderful thing. 


Anonymous said...

Go to the RO Farmer's Market on Sat. morn

Anne Reeves said...

I didn't think I'd have time, but maybe I will sneak it in! Thanks