Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Foyle's War

I subscribe to Netflix, a mail-order movie rental service that let's you manage an online account of the movies/shows you want to watch.  After you watch a movie, you mail the DVD back and the next item in your queue is automatically sent to you.  I love it, mostly because I can get Independent Films and British movies/shows that aren't readily available at a video store.

Last night I was happily watching the latest DVD of the British television series, Foyle's War.  I have loved this gentle World War II drama for ages.  It has wonderful loving characters, fun detective work and the  beautiful scenery of rural England.  It revolves around a police station on the southern coast of England and the issues and crimes that happen in small towns everywhere.  The war and its effect on the homefront also features prominently.

So imagine my shock last night when the characters started "shutting down the precinct" because Winston Churchill was about to announce VE Day.  What?

The loyal driver was looking for a new job.  The steadfast Sergent was promoted.  The main character (and father figure to all) was retiring.  Good grief - what was going on?  It finally occurred to me that this must be the final episode!  I was reeling.  I actually had to pause the show and collect my thoughts.  I decided right then and there that Foyle's War would be today's blog post.  I have come to love this show (and its characters) and I want you to too.

And then as I was finding the links to write this post - oh joy!  The original series ended back in 2007 (who knew?) and fans devotion to the show caused them to write 3 new episodes this year!  They aired in England in Spring 2010.  I found out that PBS' Masterpiece Theater also aired Foyle's War.  Woosh!  So now I have another 3 episodes to enjoy and you can start the series from the beginning.  I know it will bring you delight.


lillian said...

Hi Anne

I love your blog. You are such a creative, upbeat person!!
I wanted to ask you if you have been following a new English program called Downton Abbey. It's a series that takes place around 1912. Maggie Smith stars in it. My daughter has managed to get it from You tube and we have been watching it every Sunday when it airs in England. I am sure you will love it.


Anne Reeves said...

Hi, Lillian! Thanks for the compliments! I love the sound of Downtown Abbey - thanks for telling me (and my readers). I will watch on YouTube as soon as I can.

Elaine said...

I am going to have to rent these - I love English dramas and this one sounds so good!