Thursday, March 17, 2011

Angela Moore

Do you know Angela Moore?  I have loved her whimsical painted-ball bracelets for years.  They are a bright and happy way to make any outfit special.  Her company was founded on elastic ball bracelets painted in themes. The multi-color balls would showcase all monkeys or pineapples or flip flops.  Really cute!  I'll never forget buying an Angela Moore bracelet sporting pink & green whales! So preppy and so much fun.

Every year I visit her shop on in Palm Beach and check out her latest designs.  This year she has moved her shop onto Worth Avenue and expanded her line to include some great resort wear.  If you haven't seen a display of Angela Moore's bracelets, you should.  The colors are intoxicating and you will simply WANT one.  Go ahead, order a catalog and try to decide the perfect theme for you.


Patricia said...

Hi there!
I´ve never herd of Angela Morre, so I Googled her just now, so now I know what you´re talking about .. cute bracelets .. =)

Ha a nice weekend!

Anne Reeves said...

Hi Patricia! So glad you looked her up - the bright colors are such a great way to enhance an outfit. You can link to her store from my post too-did you see the link?