Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cocos Chocolate Cafe

When I was talking to Beth about my visit, I told her that I would love to buy some bourbon chocolates while I was in Kentucky. 

I love bourbon and have been missing my favorite bourbon chocolates (made in Nevada) that was discontinued/changed when the brand was purchased by another company a few years ago.  I told her that I had a recipe for bourbon chocolates (that I had never tried) but other than that, I had nothing.  If I was going to be in bourbon country, I needed some bourbon chocolates.

She delivered!  Beth and her husband found Coco's Chocolate Cafe on Bardstown Road and I was able to meet Owner and Chocolatier, Fred Moore.  Seeing is believing and when he stepped behind the counter of gorgeous chocolates (see above) in a white chef's jacket and tall paper hat, I knew he meant business. 

I sampled one of his bourbon chocolates (sold!) and bought a box of nine...all bourbon.  He told me that he uses only Four Roses Small Batch bourbon in his bourbon chocolates - yum!

Because of the variety, Beth's box is more beautiful so I am showcasing it here (Bourbon Chocolate is on the bottom right).  But I can promise you, no one has ever been happier with a box of chocolates than I was.  Viva la Bourbon!

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