Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meet for a Cupcake

"We should meet for cupcakes."  It sounds so much better than "meet for coffee," don't you think?

My dear friend Barb has made it a tradition that when she comes back into town for a visit, our friends all meet for cupcakes.  She is a genious.  Sometimes 5 of us make it, sometimes it is just Barb and me, but it is really fun.  

We have coffee too, of course, but nothing tastes more like friendship to me than a homemade cupcake.  This beauty is called "Boston Cream" and I swear I could have eaten two!

With the surge of cupcake stores opening up around the country (world?), it is likely that you too can find a sweet spot to meet a good friend.  Plan a "moment of delight" where all you need to do it catch up over some frosting.  You'll be so glad you did.  

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