Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sun Protection

I give you my latest find...sun block that is modern, cute AND offers great protection!  I was so happy to find Physician's Formula "Healthy Wear Powder Foundation" which boasts an SPF of 50!

This is the kind of thing I can keep in my purse and "dust" on myself, my parents or my nieces/nephews if we get in a pinch and are caught out in the sun.  The perfect spot at the 4th of July parade can stay perfect when the only obstacle is that someone forgot a hat.  "Here, put on a little of this powder."  Problem solved.

And I really like that because it is in powder form, anyone can benefit from it. No one is willing to smear sunblock cream on their face when they have make-up on.  But when it is a powder compact - a quick puff-puff on the face and we are good to go.

And talk about cute!  A cool orange case, full mirror and hot pink applicator makes it very 2011.  So before you head out of town this holiday weekend, swing by the drugstore and pick up a little portable sun protection.


Elaine said...

That is a great find! You can slip it into your purse without having to worry about the bottle leaking. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Anne Reeves said...

My pleasure! I like to sprinkle in recommendations of things I love.