Friday, July 1, 2011

Garden Art

The garden stores are full of garden art - reflecting balls, statues and the like.  But my tastes run toward adding more natural objects to add interest in a garden.  Can you see the birch branch leaning on the brick wall?  I found in on a walk near the cottage and brought it home to add a little texture.  

A few years ago, I planted a climbing hydrangea and placed a small dark green tuteur around it for support.  It is finally "taking hold" and showing some interest in climbing, so I have coaxed the longest runner off of the top of the tuteur and over to the birch branch.  My hope is that it will continue up onto the wall (and beyond) with some garden clips and ties.

I'm not sure if it translates in this photo, but the white birch looks beautiful in contrast to the mulch, green leaves and dappled light.  *sigh* Summer is here and I love it. 

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