Friday, July 22, 2011

Designer Series Evian and Bling Water Collection

Only a real friend would give you bling!  My designer water bottle collection is growing.  And by designer, I really mean designer.  For the past few years, Evian water has released a limited edition holiday bottle designed by fashion designers.  From left to right above:  Jean-Paul Gaultier, Paul Smith and Christian Lacroix. Have you seen them?  The latest design (which I still need) is by Issey Miyake and you can see it here.

One year, I brought these special bottles along to holiday parties - it was much more fun to bring than wine.  And at home, I use them for candles or flowers.

But until recently, I was missing the Paul Smith "swirly ribbon" bottle.  Since it is limited edition, I thought I had missed my chance until my friend Corinne surprised me with it!  Her husband found it in Chicago and brought it back for me - so nice!  And as an added bonus, they got me a bottle of "bling" water too!  Isn't it gorgeous?  Those are real Swarovski crystals on the bottle and it puts a whole new twist on what it means to be a sparkling water.  Ha! 

I haven't opened it yet.  Like champagne, I have been saving it for a special occasion.  My birthday, perhaps?  Thank you, Corinne!  I love these bottles more than you can know.

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Broken Barn Industries said...

Love the lacy bottle on the right!