Monday, July 18, 2011

Paris Notecards

Stand with me and do a little window shopping in Paris.  I took this photograph of a stationary shop window near Poilane Bakery on rue Cherche-Midi.  If only we could find a selection of Paris-inspired note cards like this here! 

My book, Paris: Delight in the City of Light, is selling very well online (and in person!) and since a personal touch is important to me, I have been on the hunt for Paris-inspired note cards that I can write a little note on when I ship a book out from an online order. 

Look at what I found!  These darling pink-edged note cards featuring a small golden Eiffel Tower.  What could be more perfect?

So the notes go out and the feedback comes in.  I have been enjoying hearing reader feedback (how could I not?) and in addition to words like "devoured,"  this is my favorite quote from over the weekend:  "I read both of your books cover to cover last week while on vacation. I got excited all over again!"

Yes, Paris-lovers, this is delight. 


Broken Barn Industries said...

That personal touch when you're shipping something is a Delight!

Heather said...

i received your Paris Delight in the City of Light from my mom last week- Oh I just love it. I am going to feature it on my blog, too. I really think you did an amazing job of capturing the essence of Paris! I love the book!
Thank You -
Heather Stillufsen

Anne Reeves said...

Heather! What a wonderful message - thank you from the bottom of my heart. Looking forward to your "blog love" - thanks for that too.