Thursday, July 21, 2011

Garden Center at Home

Channel your inner florist and make your own private garden center!  I have turned a little nook into a functioning flower arranging station. 

I took a 2-piece baker's rack from my basement (I'm only using the base here) and organized it with rigid cream polyester and brown print paper boxes from IKEA.  The top containers hold my vases (including my hand-painted jam jars, pop cans etc) and floral food.  The center drawer is filled with clippers, plant ties, and flower arranging items like glass balls, frogs and floral floats.  And on the bottom rack, I am keeping my sprays, hummingbird food, garden tonics and the like.

I love this system!  I can carry the cut flowers in from the garden in a basket and then do all of my flower arranging right here.  All I need to start is a big pitcher of water and soon I'll have a bouquet for every room in the house.  I love Summer! 
(Safety Tip: my garden center is in a locked area near the garage, so I am comfortable having the chemicals here.  Do not leave chemicals in an outdoor garden center where children could discover them.) 

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