Friday, July 15, 2011

MacKenzie Childs Flowers

In deference to the whimsy of MacKenzie Childs, I let the rose petals "fall as they may" - I think it actually adds to the bouquet, don't you?  When one rose gives up the ghost, I slip in a few more fresh blooms.

I was delighted to find this MacKenzie Childs hand-painted glass pitcher (and four matching octagonal glasses!) at a garage sale last month.  The owner of this gorgeous set had loaned them to her sister and who ran them through the dishwasher! 

"Oh no," was all I could say when she told me.  She was clearly upset about it and wanted to sell them to put it all behind her.  $5 later, I was the proud owner!  You know that my decorating style is "Swedish Beach House," so a little faded paint doesn't bother me at all.  In fact, I inserted one of my hand-painted jars inside the pitcher (banana polka dots) and it compliments it perfectly.

The next time a few of your roses fall to petals, leave them.  Tell yourself that a scattering of petals is a touch a whimsy

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Elaine said...

Hi, Anne! What a great treasure you found! I love the look of fallen petals. Your roses look so beautiful in that pitcher.