Friday, February 24, 2012

Living Green: Wallpaper that Makes A Room

I love House Beautiful magazine and this month they are celebrating "Living Green."   The issue showcases the use of green paint, wallpaper and accessories for the home.  On their Facebook Page, they've asked readers to post a photo showing how they have decorated with the color green.

Well, I couldn't resist showing them my dining room.  I had an entirely different color scheme in mind when I flipped to this page in the wallpaper book a few years ago.  I remember seeing this paper and saying, "Oh no." 

Nothing about it worked with the plans or fabrics I was thinking of for the space, but I gave in to it and said, "I'm papering the dining room Wellies green."  I loved it and I had never felt so sure of a decorating choice.  The wallpaper is "Oriental Spring Blossoms (GG4721)" by York.

We recently covered the 8 chair pads in a Ralph Lauren plaid that I found by chance and it looks as if they were part of the same collection.  Success! 


Elaine said...

It looks beautiful, Anne.

Anne Reeves said...

Thank you! It looks esp great for Fall and Winter dinners. So cozy!