Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Suttons Bay Flotilla

Everyone was rooting for a world record.  Could the Suttons Bay Record Paddle Challenge (called the "flotilla") on September 1st break the record of 1,902 kayaks and canoes rafting in one place?  The inspiration was to raise funds for the local school district (kayaks/canoes paid a registration fee to participate) and although they missed the record by less than 200 kayaks, I would call this event a success!

Click here to see an aerial photos of the flotilla on the official Suttons Bay Flotilla website - it's beautiful. The color of the water and expanse of sandbar makes "the bay" look otherworldly.  If that photo isn't an enticement for families to come to Suttons Bay, I don't know what would be.  And the kayaks look like birthday party sprinkles in the water!

I was in Suttons Bay the night before the event and couldn't resist taking this photo of the pre-registered kayaks lined up in alphabetical zones (organized by registrant's last name).  

I talked to one of the tween boys dragging the kayaks into place.  We agreed that we couldn't believe how many colors of kayaks there were and I said to him, "Wouldn't it be neat if they were scented?"  He said, "That would be sweet!"  When I asked him what color and scent he would want his to be, he said "orange" on both counts.

I would have said "pink" and "bubblegum," but he didn't ask.

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