Saturday, September 1, 2012

Northern Michigan Flower Petal Art

This is one of those "scenic views" that means a lot to me.  It is the view from my parent's cottage and I never tire of watching the sun set over Lake Michigan. 
The sloping land on the left is called "Pyramid Point," because the edge is steep and dramatic like the slope of a pyramid.  The land mass to the right is an island called South Manitou (there is also a North Manitou Island out of the frame and farther to the right).

It was this view that prompted me to try my first painting enhanced by real flower petals!
I did a watercolor first and then I glued dried lavender along the shore and folded a piece of geranium petal to represent the sun going down.  Do you like it?  I framed it with a narrow lavender mat and then put my little masterpiece in an antiqued-gold frame. 

It is the perfect touch on my piano and reminds me that I've had a wonderful summer full of sunsets.

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