Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Waialua Soda Works Pop Art Vases

Before I had even left for Hawaii (in January), I knew what I wanted to find, photograph and craft with.  The Waialua Soda Works had been on my radar for a while and I was so happy when I realized that they were located on Oahu, my destination!

I told Corinne (who I was going to visit) that I was hoping to find where they make this gourmet soda, tour the plant (if possible) and take a photo of the display case full of Waialua Soda.  Now you can see why traveling with me can be a bit of a challenge.  I had the whole thing worked out in my head.

Well, one day we drove all over North Shore looking for Waialua Soda with the help of our iPhones and Google Map, but we only found where they used to be located before their business grew.
I settled for a photo in the cooler of a local Hawaiian shop (doesn't it look pretty?) and bought a 4-pack of Pineapple, Lilikoi (Passion Fruit), Vanilla Creme and Mango to sample at home.  The soda is light and fizzy and exactly what you'd want in an artisanal soda.  Plus I now have beautiful vases!
Part of my grand plan was to "bejewel" some Waialua Soda Works bottles (and other Hawaiian specialty products) with sequins and turn them into vases.  I had to wait until my Veterans' Honor rose bloomed to be able to show you the results of my master plan.
This is what I call "Pop Art!"

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